• The Program

    Journey to Adulthood prepares our youth for adulthood, fostering strong, productive Christian lives through skill-building and positive life attitudes. Each two-year segment of the program has a systematic focus on all the aspects of a whole person. Self, Society, Sexuality, and Spirituality are the areas that are covered in the light of the Gospel, in order that the reality of young people’s lives can be strengthened, encouraged, healed, and empowered by the life and wisdom of Jesus Christ.

  • Rite 13 Group

    Rite 13 celebrates the gift of gender and provides a foundation for the remainder of the program. A two-year program, Rite 13 is currently comprised of students in the 7th and 8th grades. Other activities include movie outings, beach trips, community service, and mission work.

  • J2A Group

    J2A builds on Rite13 by training young people in six skills of adulthood: Listening, Assertion, Negotiation, Research and Information Management, Partnership and Leadership. A two-year program, J2A is currently comprised of students in the 9th and 10th grades.

  • YAC Group

    The Young Adults in the Church group enables the youth to practice their skills acquired over the previous four years in the context of the supportive congregation community. YAC is designed to encourage the high school juniors and seniors to be contributing members of our church and the community. They are also encouraged to take on active roles in the Sunday services. This year the YAC group initiated a Church wide recycling program.

  • Acolyte Ministry

    Acolytes assist the priest during worship: they carry the cross, torches, and flags in procession at the beginning and end of the worship services. They also help with the collection plates and Communion. Being an acolyte enables the youth in our church to cultivate leadership and responsibility within the church. Open to all youth 4th-12th grade.