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  • pastoral care team

    A family's strength derives from its capacity to help and care for family members. Pastoral care ivolves looking after the well-being of our parish family: tending to needs, encouragement, nourishment, refreshing the soul, etc. St. John's extensive pastoral care network is sustained by 75+ parisioners serving on one or more of the six pastoral care committees.

  • Dispatch Committee

    Dispatchers serve one Monday each month and are responsible for contacting the volunteers who will be visiting, delivering food, flowers or prayer shawls, or writing cards during the week.

  • Helping Hands

    Helping Hands are the volunteers who visit with those who are home-bound, ill, bereaved, or in need of encouragement. Visits are made each week by members of this committee who serve once every three months. During the visits, they take casseroles, flowers, or prayer shawls to parishioners.

  • Card Committee

    These committee members write greeting cards to parishioners who are ill, bereaved, or have long term illnesses. These members serve once a quarter.

  • Casserole Committee

    Members of the casserole committee meet at the St. John’s kitchen approximately once every two-to-three months. They make casseroles that are frozen and then delivered to parishioners in need during some of the weekly visits.

  • Flowers Committee

    The Flower Committee members serve one Sunday a month. The two large Sunday Altar flower arrangements are rearranged into three or four smaller arrangements to be taken to parishioners weekly by Helping Hands.

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry

    At this time one St. John’s parishioner knits all prayer shawls for St. John’s, which are then blessed by the Rector. Helping Hands deliver prayer shawls to parishioners who have long term illnesses or who are home-bound. On occasion, prayer shawls have been mailed to former parishioners who have moved away but remain in contact with the parish.