The Elliott Memorial Fund is the major endowment fund of St. John's. Most recently, the fund has helped ServiceSource open its Veterans' Mall, providing resources for wounded veterans who are transitioning back to civilian life and into new housing. The fund was established in 1941 when Mr. Hal Elliott left the church $143,000. 40% of the income of the fund was to go for church operations. 60% was to go for seminarian education and other charitable purposes. In the 70 years since the bequest was made the fund has:

  • Distributed just over $2 million to the operating account of St. John’s providing on average 15% of our annual operating budget.
  • Distributed over $3 million in direct seminarian support and charitable grant requests.
  • From an initial bequest of $143,000 the fund has made a total $5 million in distributions and despite the fact that we are still recovering from the worst investment market in a generation,  as of the end of 2010 the fund has still grown to almost 20 times the original value.